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MENDOCINO – A Mendocino couple was named the # 1 Airbnb Host in California. Airbnb announced that Glenn and Suzanne from Mendocino won the honor with their entry “Guest Studio Minutes from Mendocino”.

Airbnb released a more comprehensive report highlighting the most hospitable host in each of the 50 US states. These hosts have the most 5-star ratings in their respective states for cleanliness, check-in, and communication – with at least 100 ratings.

Glenn says the award came as a big surprise. “It was a shock,” he said, adding that the couple didn’t know they had such good overall ratings from their clients. “We’re not really following it.”

“We’re really honored,” said Suzanne.

Glenn and Suzanne’s guest studio is directly across from the house they built and where they have lived for 20 years. They have welcomed over 500 guests since they were accepted in 2012 – they have received 100 percent five-star ratings for nine consecutive years, longer than any host in the United States

California had a total of 35 hosts that hit this 100 percent standard with at least 100 ratings – which is the most of any state (including North Carolina). Glenn and Suzanne received the # 1 award for having more reviews than the other 34 hosts.

Suzanne describes the secret of her success, says Suzanne, that she irons all the sheets in her studio with an iron from Europe. “It’s very time and labor intensive, but it’s one of the things that I think is very important,” she said. “Our guests only deserve the best.”

They mentioned that they meet and greet each guest in person because they want to make sure their guests know they are available and reachable.

“Nobody comes here [to Mendocino] accidentally so you probably have a long drive behind you and we want to reassure you when you arrive – whatever you need, we are here to help, ”added Suzanne. “Our interaction is an intuitive balance between respecting their privacy and at the same time ensuring that they know that we can be reached when they need something.”

The couple has seen guests from Iceland, Australia and Europe. They recently reopened after the COVID year and they still maintain a lot of COVID logs around cleanliness and things like a digital guest book. But they are happy to be able to interact with guests again.

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