Angry stays in Ireland visit Tripadvisor to describe horror experiences

The trend towards staying in Ireland has boomed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, with local tourists discovering the hidden gems of Ireland instead of the sunny shores of Spain, Portugal and other vacation hotspots.

While Ireland is known for its beauty and welcoming nature, like all things in life, there are a few exceptions.

Several Staycationers lost out on their property choices and went to Tripadvisor to reveal all the bloody details.

“Simply miserable”

First we went west for a short summer break with a couple. After pictures on the internet suggested that their accommodation was a stunning hotel with clean and spacious rooms, the reality on arrival did not quite meet their expectations.

The anonymous reviewer wrote: “It’s hard to believe that someone who gave this hotel a good rating is in no way affiliated with the hotel because it was just so bad.”

He said the “rooms advertised in the pictures displayed were nowhere near the deposit of a room my girlfriend and I were given on our arrival” and said it was “just miserable”.

“The room was cramped, dirty and hadn’t been renovated in the last 30 years. To make matters worse, we found a worm on the side table.

“The only clean and professional thing associated with this hotel is the misleading images posted on the hotel’s website.”

“Buckets Everywhere”

Next, a woman invited her elderly mother on an outing this summer, but said, “It’s good that there weren’t any working lights in our room, I didn’t have to see how awful it was.”

Describing the bedroom as having buckets everywhere to catch the water that ran down the walls, she said that “there was mold on the ceiling of her mother’s bathroom.”

Needless to say, they didn’t risk a trip to the restaurant because they were “worried about what condition the kitchens would be in. Really awful”.

“Snails on the Walls”

One tourist described his rather gritty experience after venturing south for some sunshine when restrictions were eased this year.

He said it was “a total disaster” and that he and his travel buddy “found several snails on the walls and bedding”.

Disgruntled stay-cations visit Tripadvisor to describe horror experiences

After informing the front desk, the team’s solution was quite strange. He said, “We went downstairs to report the problem to the front desk.

“The man at the front desk came into our room after we showed him photos of the slugs and offered to” suck them up for us “and” would it be all right then? “

After asking for a new room, they “had to wait at least 45 minutes at the front desk while the man at the front desk emphasized that he was looking for a solution and that there was” nothing he could do “.

“Water came through the walls”

A group of friends traveling to an Irish city will likely think twice before booking an apartment without doing proper research.

They arrived at an apartment in a rough area that was damp, cold, and “smelly” and quickly discovered that only one shower was working.

After turning it on, they found that “every time we used the other, cloudy water would come through the walls in the room.

“Also, I’m not sure what the view looked like from the window since it was so dirty !!”

“Dead insects” everywhere

One family traveling east to a small town in Wexford said, “If we had known what we were up to, we would have returned home !!

“The house was dirty. Every floor, including the carpets, had gross dead bugs that had been there for ages! !

“Of course it was closed for the winter, but if that’s the case it shouldn’t have been advertised as available. We had to clean every room.

“The extent of the disregard for our stay was unbelievable.”

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