Are you in the mood for adventure? Immerse yourself in one of these travel-themed books!

Emily Calkins of the King County Library System shares her recommendations for travel-themed fiction and nonfiction. 📚 #newdaynw

Whether you are reading by the pool or pretending your couch is a sandy beach, summer is a great time to read in your free time.

Emily Calkins of the King County Library System has both factual and fictional recommendations on travel topics for your next real or fake vacation.

  1. “We came, we saw, we went” by Charles Wheelan

Charlie Wheelan and his family do what others dream of: They take a year off to travel the world. This is their story.

What would happen if you ended your life for a year? In a pre-COVID-19 world, the Wheelan family decided to find out. Leaving work, school, and even the family’s dogs behind to travel the world on a modest budget. In equal parts as “How-to” and “How-not-to” – and facing a world emerging from a pandemic – “We Came, We Saw, We Left” is the insightful and often hilarious account of those Divide a family. Year experiment.

Wheelan paints a picture of adventure and connectivity, juggles issues of local politics, world economy and family dynamics, and examines answers to questions like: How do you sneak out of a Peruvian city that has been barricaded by the local army? And where can you get treatment for a carnivorous bacterium that your daughter took in two continents ago? From Colombia to Cambodia, “We Came, We Saw, We Left” tells the story of nine months on six continents with three teenagers. What could go wrong?

  1. “The Refugees” by Jesse McCarthy

Like most college graduates, Jonah Winters is unsure of what’s next. As a young black American who grew up in France and lives in New York City, he tries a few careers only to find that nothing feels right. And as Jonah struggles to envision his future, he feels pressured by his friends and family to put his community’s struggles before his search for himself. But then a chance encounter with an ex-NBA player who has his own regrets inspires Jonah to take his life into his own hands. He decides to leave the country entirely and sets off for Brazil. And while making and breaking friendships along the way, reflecting on his past relationships, and learning to rely on himself, Jonah slowly develops an understanding of himself, community, and freedom that young Black men are seldom offered.

  1. “Subpar Parks” by Amber Share

Based on the hugely popular Instagram account, Subpar Parks features both the biggest hits and brand new content, all celebrating the incredible beauty and diversity of America’s national parks, versus the clueless and hilarious one-star reviews from visitors.

“Subpar Parks”, both on the popular Instagram page and in this humorous, informative and collectable book, combines two things that don’t seem to go together, but somehow harmonize perfectly – beautiful illustrations and informative, amusing texts that celebrate every national park the one-star ratings have disappointed tourists gone online. Millions of visitors enjoy Glacier National Park each year, but for one visitor it was just “Too cold for me!” Another saw the overwhelming view of Bryce Canyon as “Too prickly!” No matter who has visited the hot springs in Yellowstone National Park and thought, “Save some money, boil some water at home.”

The book contains more than 50 percent new material and offers more depth and insight into popular parks such as Yosemite, Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon and Acadia National Parks; Anecdotes and tips from rangers; and much more about the personal love and connection of the author Amber Share with nature. It’s equal parts humor and love for the national parks and the great outdoors, it’s the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors and likes to read (and laugh) when they’re indoors.

  1. “Chasing the Thrill” by Daniel Barbarisi

“A full throttle tale of the treasure hunt started in 2010 by Forest Fenn – an eccentric art dealer and, some would say, robber baron – that lasted an entire decade and became the stuff of contemporary legend, Forest Fenn was told he was going to die would, he hid a chest full of jewels and gold in the wilderness and published a poem that contained a series of clues to the secret location of the treasure betraying the location. The wild hunt lasted another ten years. Daniel Barbarisi first found out about Fenn’s hunt in 2017 when a friend began deciphering the poem and convinced Barbarisi to catalog his search. What started out as a great story documenting the story of Fenn’s treasure hunt – the rumors, characters, and pitfalls – quickly turned into a personal quest as Barbarisi found himself on a sometimes ruthless and possibly dead-end path, despite having a family at home that would die e, endless controversy would break out and an anonymous stranger would find the ultimate prize. Rich in secrets, dangers and breakneck action, Barbarisi’s account of the imagination and drive of desire, obsession and a particularly unbridled adventure is pure gold on the side.

  1. “People You Meet on Vacation” by Emily Henry

“When Poppy met Alex there was no spark, no chemistry, and no reason to believe that they would ever talk to each other again. Alex is calm, hardworking and destined for an academic future. Poppy is a wild kid who only came to U to from Chicago to escape small town life. But after sharing a ride home over the summer, the two start a surprising friendship. After all, who better to confide in than someone you could never go out with? Over the years, Alex and Poppy’s life has taken them in different directions, but each summer the two find each other for a magical weeklong vacation. Until a trip goes wrong and they lose touch in fallout. Now, two years later, Poppy is in one of her dream jobs, her relationships, her life – none of it makes her happy. In fact, the last time she remembered feeling really happy was on that last, unfortunate summer trip. The answer to all of her problems is obvious: she needs one last vacation to get her best friend back. As an incredibly disastrous week unfolds and te nsions rise, Poppy and Alex are forced to face what has driven them apart – and decide what they are willing to risk for the chance to be together. “

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