TripAdvisor – Patrian Wed, 22 Sep 2021 04:15:00 +0000 en-US hourly 1 TripAdvisor – Patrian 32 32 One star TripAdvisor ratings at East Lancashire McDonald’s Wed, 22 Sep 2021 04:15:00 +0000 Fast food giant McDonald’s is great for a quick meal, but some people aren’t the chain’s biggest fans.

There are a number of McDonalds shops in East Lancashire, where hundreds of people get their fast food from one of the branches every day.

Although the chain is loved by many, some of the restaurants on TripAdvisor only have a star and a half after people complained about their experience on the website.

Some East Lancashire McDonald’s restaurants have left dozens of “awful” or one-star ratings.

Here’s just a taste of those scathing reviews on TripAdvisor and why customers didn’t enjoy their meal:

McDonald’s Ewood – Livesey Branch Road Ewood Mill, Blackburn BB2 4LQ England

Photo credit: Google Street View. McDonald’s Ewood – Livesey Branch Road Ewood Mill, Blackburn BB2 4LQ England

35 terrible reviews

One disgruntled reviewer from this store said, “The staff are ignorant, they are only interested in Just Eat customers.

“Don’t waste your time going there when you finally get your food which is either cold wrong or usually both.

“Supposedly fast food, no ridiculously slow cold wrong food, management needs to be laid off and all staff there replaced. You’re kidding. ”

McDonald’s – Daisyfield Street M65 Junction 4, Darwen BB3 0AT England

Lancashire Telegraph:

Photo credit: Google Street View. McDonald’s – Daisyfield Street M65 Junction 4, Darwen BB3 0AT England

16 terrible reviews

About his experience, one reviewer said: “Always check your order as you drive through, the staff never get your order right, the fourth time is a joke now. So if you need to use this branch either go in or check before you go or you will end up going back for missed food. ”

McDonald’s – Hyndburn Road, Accrington BB5 1PY England

Lancashire Telegraph:

Photo credit: Google Street View. McDonald’s – Hyndburn Road, Accrington BB5 1PY England

13 terrible reviews

On TripAdvisor, a disgruntled reviewer said: “After a tough Monday at work, my daughter and her boyfriend asked if I wanted a Maccies.


“Big fries with half missing. I got them to make sure the chips had salt. Guess what. NO SALT.

“Second visit without salt.

“You must have some seriously lazy people working there.

“There are people out there who really need jobs, so do your job or they’ll get rid of you.”

McDonald’s – Rawtenstall – Haslingden Road, Rawtenstall, Rossendale England

Lancashire Telegraph:

Photo credit: Google Street View. McDonald’s – Rawtenstall – Haslingden Road, Rawtenstall, Rossendale England

24 terrible reviews

A guest from this branch was not impressed when he received his order. They said: “I went to Rawtenstall McDonald’s, the service is slow and has to wait at least twice as long as other McDonald’s only two cars in front of me when driving through.

“When I got to the food service window, I got my drinks and the food came 5 minutes later and then went home.

“I should have realized that I should check the contents of the order before leaving McDonald’s so many times since it opened.

“In my order tonight, chicken was delicious minus the chicken burger, three fries on the order but only two fries in the bag and six chicken nuggets with only 4 nuggets in the box.

“I thought about going back to complain, but a waste of time and money on fuel for the car. Please sort out yourself.”

McDonald’s – 21/23 King William Street, Blackburn BB1 7DJ England

Lancashire Telegraph:

Photo credit: Google Street View. McDonald’s – 21/23 King William Street, Blackburn BB1 7DJ England

8 terrible reviews

One reviewer noted, “Upon entering, we were told to queue at the counter to order, there was no operator to serve where the line was.

“The restaurant was just a disorganized mess.

“I have no plans to be returning to this McDonalds anytime soon.”

McDonald’s – 1 Burnham Gate, Burnley BB11 4SL England

Lancashire Telegraph:

Photo credit: Google Street View – McDonald’s 1 Burnham Gate, Burnley BB11 4SL England

25 terrible reviews

One reviewer wrote, “Finished work tonight and called to find a McDonald’s for me and my friend on the way home who was tired and hungry.

“It was literally a car dead so no excuse that it was busy …

“I was talking to a girl on the order screen in the drive-through who was very rude, not listening to what I was trying to order and just saying ‘something else’ all the time before I even finished.

“I saw on the screen that there was no sauce, so I asked her, ‘Do you have the burgers with no sauce,’ she said yes. Got home and both burgers were covered in sauce.

“Train your employees better in customer service.”

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Mozilla tests Bing as the default search engine for 1% of users; Daily letter from Tuesday Tue, 21 Sep 2021 14:00:00 +0000

Search Engine Land’s Daily Briefing provides daily insights, news, tips, and essential wisdom for today’s search engine marketing. If you want to read this before the rest of the internet, Sign up here to get it in your inbox every day.

Good morning Marketer, do you remember September 21st?

I associate this Earth, Wind & Fire Track with the last days of summer / early autumn days, when the heat waves in between become less and less and life seems to calm down at a more relaxed pace.

However, it looks like it’s not just the weather that is changing: In the first quarter of 2021, according to a Bernstein report, the Expedia Group generated three times more traffic from paid search on US desktops than Airbnb, Tripadvisor and combined. It also attracted a million more visits via paid search in March of this year than in March 2019.

You may recall that Expedia Group once named Google its biggest competitor and CEO Peter Kern was open to reducing the company’s reliance on search engines. However, travelers responded to the pandemic by looking for vacations to travel to, often outside of urban areas. The company took this opportunity to focus on markets like the US and invested advertising money in promoting Vrbo, its Airbnb competitor. “Vrbo generated 2.1 million visits from display ads in the first three months of 2021,” wrote Dennis Schaal for Skift, “double that of sister companies, Tripadvisor, and Airbnb combined.”

Diversifying your sources of traffic is still important and can help keep your business stable rather than succumbing to the whims of the platform that you may depend on. However, circumstances can change unexpectedly, and when an opportunity presents itself it may be useful to act. Timely adjustments are vital, and search marketers should prioritize this over any single strategy at all times.

George Nguyen,

Mozilla tests Bing as the default search engine for 1% of users

Mozilla is conducting an experiment that will set 1% of Firefox desktop browsers to use Bing as the default search engine. The test will run until early 2022, but Mozilla has not disclosed any additional information, such as why it is running this experiment or why it is doing this with Bing.

Last August, Google and Mozilla reached an agreement in which the former reportedly paid the browser company between $ 400 million and $ 450 million a year for the privilege of being Firefox’s default search engine in most regions. It is possible for Mozilla to put in place a backup plan when its contract with Google expires in 2023.

Why we care. Many SEOs forego Bing optimization in favor of their higher traffic counterparts, but this is another reason to diversify your target search engines. It’s also another reason you might want to invest in Microsoft Advertising. While 1% of users is not a lot right now, a Bing / Microsoft strategy can be beneficial if the Google deal fails when Mozilla makes it the default search engine.

Read more here.

Ads in Amazon search results are growing as ad prices rise

“Consumers searching for toothpaste on Amazon require two full swipes on the mobile app to get unpaid results,” wrote Annie Palmer for CNBC. The ecommerce platform used to show two or three sponsored products at the top of the results, but now up to six ads can appear above all organic listings – and there are even more promotions if you scroll down.

According to Merkle, sponsored product ads made up about 73% of retailers’ advertising spend on Amazon in the second quarter. According to a survey of 300 Amazon merchants conducted by Canopy Management, the CPC for Amazon search advertising was $ 1.27 in August, up 47% year over year. Last year Marketing Land (now known as MarTech) conducted a survey that saw 81% of Amazon advertisers say they plan to increase their ad spend on the platform over the course of 2020 – it looks like it will this trend won’t slow down anytime soon.

Why we care. At Amazon, more ads mean less visibility for unpaid offers. This creates a difficult environment for traders who cannot advertise on the platform. The situation is only exacerbated for sellers in product categories that Amazon has entered, for example with its “Amazon Basics” product line.

Higher CPCs also mean brands with larger budgets can have an advantage. There aren’t any dedicated ad slots in search results, an Amazon spokesperson told CNBC, which could be a mixed blessing: more ad slots can make ads cheaper, but they also take up space that may have been used for unpaid results.

Carousels and anonymous publishing: Not if you can’t help

Brands that randomly post blog content anonymously hear me now. When asked how publishers should use EAT best practices when writers don’t want to reveal their real names for security reasons, Google’s John Mueller replied that it’s best to add author names wherever possible. “If you can’t do it for any content, and it basically just means ‘trust us,’ then I don’t know how users should handle it,” he added. Safety comes first, but if that’s not the reason for posting unauthorized, you should know that it could affect your organic visibility.

Should you use a carousel? No, not according to I hate / like that the carousel that displays the information is a little too fast for me to read which I suspect is common for many others as well. Top of the hat too Myriam Jessier to make us aware of it.

Google’s auto search capabilities are disrupting the industry. Google appears to have introduced new car-related search capabilities that provide detailed specifications about models, including pricing, sales lists, configurations, and so on. “In many cases, OEMs don’t provide all of the data you see, so we have to look to other sources to fill in the gaps. This manual work results in our data team working year round adding all of this data in a categorized structured format, ”Matt Smith, Executive Director of SEO at, called on Twitter, adding, “We add the full schema or we don’t get search functionality or Knowledge Graph rankings. Google then takes our hard work and shows it how they want … But what are you going to do, lose your snippets? “

What we read: ‘Results> Input’: The Fallacy of the Hustle Culture

As a child, I once told my father that I wanted to get rich. “As?” he asked me – I told him I would work hard. He was against it and told me that I had to work smarter, not harder. It seemed like general advice at the time, but with the glorification of “hustle culture,” I can better appreciate wisdom.

In Rand Fishkin’s blog post for SparkToro, the search industry veteran examined some of the principles that underpin the hustle culture, such as the belief that anyone can get ahead if they work hard (which downplays socio-economic privilege), or that those who work hard are just better.

“The logical step is to either A) work really hard or B) pretend I’m working hard. We can easily rule out that C) honestly said that, like most successful entrepreneurs, my journey was 80% happiness, 20% talent, maybe less, ”wrote Fishkin.

The realization is that if he had slowed down in his earlier years, he probably would still have achieved, if not outperformed, the same level of success. And that there are other factors that contribute to success, like luck – it’s just a lot less noticeable to brag about your luck.

As a radio journalist, I’ve worked a lot harder than I do today. But that career was relatively short (just a couple of years) because I ended up burned out and desperately looking for something sustainable. I think I was really lucky with my current role – a colleague had vouched for me without my knowledge before I even completed interviews. If you’ve been similarly lucky, consider paying upfront.

New in search engine land

About the author

George Nguyen is an editor at Search Engine Land, specializing in organic search, podcasting, and e-commerce. His background is journalism and content marketing. Before entering the industry, he worked as a radio personality, writer, podcast host, and public school teacher.

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The Best Pet Friendly Hotels and Resorts in India | travel Tue, 21 Sep 2021 01:00:30 +0000

With festivals and holidays around the corner, it’s the perfect time to start planning that much-needed vacation. But do you worry about leaving your pet behind?

A pet parent always needs to think twice before deciding on a vacation. And when you finally decide to take the plunge and take your pets with you, the other worry that preoccupies you is whether the hotel or the resort will allow your pets to stay.

To help you get that much-needed, hassle-free vacation this holiday season, here is a list of the best pet friendly hotels and resorts in southern India that not only welcome pets, but pamper them too!

1. Deep Woods Resort, Munnar
Surrounded by cardamom fields and lush green landscapes, this pet-friendly resort offers your pet plenty of open spaces and nature trails to explore. You can also enjoy a barbecue dinner or sit around the campfire with your pet and soak up the serene atmosphere. What is more? There is no extra charge for your pet!

Average tariff: Rs. 5500 / night + taxes
TripAdvisor: 4.5 / 5

2. Della Resorts, Lonavala
Spread over 50 acres of land, this pet-friendly Lonavala resort is the ultimate getaway from Mumbai or Pune. It is a unique resort ideal for families and large groups. Della is home to India’s largest extreme adventure park with over 70 activities for adults and children. It also has extensive open spaces for your pet to enjoy.

Average tariff: Rs. 14750 / night + taxes
TripAdvisor: 4.5 / 5

3. The Mandrem House, Goa
This villa is home to 30 mango trees of different mango species, 15 species of butterflies and is only 400 meters from Mandrem beach. Take your pet to the beach to play, roll in the sand or look for treasure in the spacious garden and greenery of this villa. The villa can accommodate up to 12 people and there are no additional fees for your pets.

Average tariff: Rs. 27000 / night + taxes
TripAdvisor: 4.0 / 5

4. Our home village, Hessarghatta, Bangalore
This is an eco resort near Bangalore Airport. Our Native Village is just the place for a weekend getaway. There is plenty of space to bond with your pet and do other activities that take you back to your childhood, like playing gilli-danda or perfecting your aim with a slingshot. The resort also has its pets to welcome yours.

Average tariff: Rs. 11300 / night + taxes
TripAdvisor: 4.0 / 5

5. Ben’s host family, Kochi
Ben’s Homestay is a peaceful and quiet villa away from the city and the perfect place for you to enjoy a relaxing vacation and bond with your pet. The homestay owner, Ben, owns a boat and you can also go boating with your pet on the lake around the villa. Ben’s pet, a Dalmatian named Simbu, is also there to welcome his furry new friends and make them feel at home. There are of course no additional fees for your pets.

Average tariff: Rs. 4000 / night + taxes
TripAdvisor: 5.0 / 5

6. Casa Manga, Karjat
This is a luxury four bedroom villa surrounded by lush greenery and with great views of the Western Ghats. The villa offers a gazebo for a campfire, plenty of space to play cricket or soccer with the family or to pick up with your furry friend and a swimming pool. Here you can enjoy traditional Maharashtrian food prepared by the caretaker! There are no additional fees for pets.

Average tariff: Rs. 14000 / night + taxes
TripAdvisor: unknown

7. Lush Greenex Farms, Chundale, Wayanad
A coffee farm, also a pet-friendly resort that offers a wide variety of accommodations, from a luxury tree house to eco-friendly and artistically designed cottages to a dormitory. It is just the right place for a relaxed yet exciting vacation with your friends, family and pets!

Average tariff: unknown
TripAdvisor: unknown

8. Destiny Farm Resort, near Ooty, Tamil Nadu
One of the best places to stay on a farm in India, your pet will enjoy it to the full! Like all farms, the farm also has a menagerie of its animals – a stable full of horses, cows, sheep, rabbits, guinea pigs and farm dogs! A good place for your pets to hang out and have fun in the great outdoors.

Average tariff: Rs. 12950 / night + taxes
TripAdvisor: 4.5 / 5

1. Taj Fishing Bay, Chennai
Pets are only allowed to stay in their villa or cottage rooms, which have plenty of space and a large private garden for your pet to run around. There are no additional fees for your pets.

Average tariff: Rs. 14500 / night + taxes
TripAdvisor: 4.0 / 5

2. Four Seasons, Mumbai
The Four Seasons Hotel in Worli, Mumbai allows you to keep your pet in your room as long as it weighs less than 15 kg. Although the hotel will provide pet food upon request, pet owners must bring their pets’ beds with them.

Average tariff: Rs. 8500 / night + taxes
Additional fees for a pet: 1500 Rs / night + taxes
TripAdvisor: 4.5 / 5

3. The Westin, Pune
Located in Koregaon, there is a designated floor for guests with their pets. They also provide pet food and a pet bed for an additional charge. Pets are not allowed in the lounge, restaurant, spa and pool area, but can move elsewhere.

Average tariff: Rs. 6600 / night + taxes
Additional fees for a pet: Rs 2000 / night + taxes
TripAdvisor: 4.5 / 5

4. Vivanta from Taj, Kovalam
A luxury pet friendly hotel, one must sign a pet policy at the hotel. Pets are prohibited in the hotel lounge, restaurant, and pool areas while they are allowed on the property.

Average tariff: Rs. 8400 / night + taxes
Additional fees for a pet: 3000 Rs / night + taxes
TripAdvisor: 5.0 / 5

5th President IHCL Seleqtions, Mumbai
The hotel in Cuff Parade has a specially formulated menu for your pets only, with dishes like Keema Risotto and Chicken Steak at HerbHouse, a pet-friendly poolside café. The hotel also hosts a canine high tea, which allows the animal parents to mingle with each other.

Average tariff: Rs. 5750 / night + taxes
Additional fees for a pet: 3000 Rs / night + taxes
TripAdvisor: 4.5 / 5

So what are you waiting for? Plan your next vacation with your “little one” and let them enjoy them to the fullest, while you lean back and relax – stress-free!

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Tripadvisor stock is down as the hotel subscription service undergoes an overhaul Mon, 20 Sep 2021 15:23:00 +0000

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