Restaurant owner Sticky Walnut reacts ruthlessly to negative TripAdvisor reviews

A UK resident restaurant The owner ruthlessly refuted a negative TripAdvisor review from a disgruntled customer.

Gary Usher, owner of the award-winning Sticky Walnut in Chester, criticized the customer’s claims that staff couldn’t care less about the customer experience comparing their management practices to Ryanair, an Irish ultra-low-cost airline.

Critic Rob V rated Sticky Walnut a whopping two out of five in a review titled “Excellent food let down by Ryanair-style management”.

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Rob V left a negative review on Sticky Walnut on TripAdvisor, but Gary Usher, the owner of the restaurant, insisted on it. (Tripadvisor)

“The good news is that the food here is very, very tasty and deserves a high rating,” wrote Rob V.

“The bad news is the restaurant management doesn’t care about the customer experience. I ate here on July 9th and had a complaint that was handled so badly by the manager that I wrote to the owner.

“A restaurant that wants to offer an upscale dining experience but has lost the ability to empathize with customers and ignore them when they complain? That’s a real shame, ”concluded the dissatisfied customer.

Sticky Walnut has an average of 4.5 stars out of five on TripAdvisor, which calculates that total score from 1987 reviews.

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Usher couldn’t stand the derogatory lying down.

“For God’s sake, Robert,” begins Usher’s answer.

“I should be retired from Twitadvisor so let’s not waste any time. After all, you’ve waited 11 years to write your first review since joining Twitadvisor.”

Although Rob V apparently joined the review-sharing platform in 2010, this was his first review.

“Rob, you reserved a table on a Friday night and agreed to a 1 hour 45 minute window. A common practice, especially at peak times, that guests and restaurants around the world agree to,” continues Usher.

“After your dessert class, the manager you said didn’t care gently reminded you that we would need the table again shortly.”

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Sticky walnut
Gary Usher says the Sticky Walnut management team has run the restaurant for eight years. (Instagram)

Usher goes on to explain that Rob V ignored the manager and then ordered another round of drinks, suggesting to Rob V that the whole situation might never have happened if he and his group had arrived on time to book.

“When the manager came back one last time to politely let you know that we had to clear the table for our next guests, you stood up from your seat, towered over the manager and pointed in his face,” writes Usher.

“The manager’s reply was, ‘Sir, can you please stop pointing me in the face?’ They then told the manager that he didn’t deserve to be a manager and wasn’t qualified to be in the position. “

Usher says Rob V’s mother also added “vitriol” to the manager and requested that they be given their drinks for free.

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“You, Rob, then threatened the manager by telling him that you would contact the owner because you knew him and that Gary (I) would be appalled to know how you treated ‘my friend’ were, “Usher delivers one more punch, but not the last of his answer.

“The manager politely begged your whole table to just listen as they explained. Nobody did it. “

Usher claims Rob V then emailed him at the general Sticky Walnut email address, saying that if they were indeed friends – spoilers: Usher had never met Rob V before – then Rob V Ushers Number would have.

“Every few months a rude guest in a restaurant uses the ‘I know the owner!’ to try to intimidate team members and intimidate them into thinking they will get into trouble for not looking after the owner’s “friends” well enough, “Usher writes, before saying he is the e- Read Mail and didn’t care what Rob V complained about how he treated Usher’s staff.

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Instead of responding to Rob V’s email, Usher said he blocked Rob V and his mother’s number and made a note not to accept future bookings from them on Sticky Walnut’s booking system.

“As for the manager who doesn’t care, they’ve run Sticky Walnut for the past eight years,” Usher continues.

“Coincidentally, Sticky Walnut has had a top 100 position at the National Restaurant Awards in the UK for so long. I think that makes them both extremely deserving of being managers and well qualified to hold that position.”

Usher signed his scathing reply with a neutral “regards,” before slapping his own name one last time and writing, “Not your buddy, Gary. Another owner you don’t actually know. “

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