The top 10 restaurants in Colchester according to TripAdvisor

From artisanal bistros and hidden coffee shops to juicy steak restaurants and traditional chip stalls, there aren’t many pallets that Colchester doesn’t offer.

But while we all have a favorite place to eat in town, where exactly is the best place to have a bite to eat and tame our growling bellies?

TripAdvisor has compiled a list of the top rated restaurants and cafes in Colchester based on the number of reviews and ratings from customers to help us decide.

Here are the top 10 best restaurants in town, according to TripAdvisor and why reviewers think they are a must:


Located on Trinity Street, the Timbers has been voted Colchester’s Best Restaurant with 438 excellent traveler reviews from 570 reviews.

Prices range from just £ 4 to £ 9 for the venue’s cafe and British cuisine. Vegetarian and vegan options are also available.

A reviewer who went on TripAdvisor to praise the restaurant said, “I’ve been visiting Timbers for over 5 years and just got back after being locked down and an 18 month hiatus.

“The staff remains so friendly, run by Gemma and supported by Tia, Adam and Lou in the kitchen.

“After the usual warm welcome, the service is quick and the food and drink are, as always, of the highest quality.

“Colchester has a lot of cafes and restaurants and I’ve tried many, but nowhere does Timbers fit in. I can recommend it without reservation. ”

Miseria & Nobilta

Second, with an impressive 334 excellent reviews, is Miseria & Nobilta, an Italian restaurant on Queen Street in Colchester.

The stylish but affordable eatery, with prices between £ 5 and £ 16, serves everything from classic pizzas to Mediterranean and European dishes.

One reviewer described it as an “authentic” place to eat: “Beautiful, charming, family run Italian, the food is fresh and authentic, and the service was professional and charismatic.”

Balkerne & Colne Restaurants

Balkerne & Colne on Sheepen Road has only 207 overall ratings, but 178 of them are “excellent” and a further 23 rate the restaurant as “very good”.

British, European and contemporary cuisine are all offered at a price between £ 7 and £ 23 in the highly rated setting.

Describing their experiences a group of “Ladies that Lunch” said: “An excellent three-course lunch with friends.

“A good selection of starters, main courses and desserts. A friendly and efficient team was available to us. Great value.”


The wooden fender

Of the top 10 restaurants in Colchester, the Wooden Fender has the second highest number of ratings at 911, just behind Bella Pais, which is considered the tenth best restaurant in town.

Colchester Road Gastropub has 633 excellent and 163 good reviews and serves everything from fresh hake fillets and seared duck breast to burgers and fries.

On the plus side, the starting price for some dishes that always seem meticulously prepared is only £ 6.

One reviewer said, “If you are looking for a restaurant for a special occasion, a nice meal for two, a family get-together, or a meal with friends, this is the place for you.

“The Wooden Fender is a newly renovated restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating. It’s clean, spacious, and has great parking.

“The menu is perfect, not too big, but still offers a wide variety of dishes.”


Rounding out the top 5 is Sorano’s in Tenpenny Hill, an Italian and European restaurant with prices between £ 6 and £ 19.

The family-run establishment specializes in fresh seafood and always promises “service with a smile” and has a total of 371 excellent reviews.

One guest who visited Sorano’s in June said, “Probably the best food around – that’s not an exaggeration.

“The cook is a magician and cooks delicious breakfasts and lunches. I wasn’t there for dinner, but I tried their breakfast and lunch and I have to admit that I’m addicted. ”


Elsewhere on TripAdvisor’s list, North Hill Noodle Bar ranks sixth with 752 excellent reviews and The Red Dog on Kelvedon Road with 327 top reviews.

Eighth place is The Britannia & Gurkha Restaurant and Bar in Meyrick Crescent, followed by Dr Chippy’s on St. Botolphs Street in ninth place.

The long-standing steak restaurant Bella Pais closes the top 10 with the highest number of reviews, 1030, of which 745 are “excellent”.

A total of 337 restaurants in Colchester are listed and rated on TripAdvisor’s website.

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